Bootcamp is a full-body workout in which you not only use your own body weight, benches, stairs, playgrounds and other obstacles, but also training materials such as skipping ropes, cones, hurdles, etc. Our instructors provide a lot of variety in your weekly bootcamp. Sunshine or rain, bootcamp always goes on!


Exercising in the fresh air

You may have never noticed, but the ground of Windesheim is ideal for an outdoor workout. This lesson is given by an experienced trainer who ensures that you have completed a complete training in 45 minutes. Optimal use is made of attributes in the environment. Of course, the exercises can be tailored to every level.

Starting with boot camp?

You can participate in this class with a subscription, a membership 10 passes or a single fitness group lesson ticket. After purchasing the desired product you can make a reservation immediately. You can register for bootcamp a maximum of two weeks in advance (FULL=FULL).

Subscriptions & tickets

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Wanneer kan ik voor Bootcamp terecht?

On Campus

Day Time Location
Wednesday, 17 July 2024 17/07/2024 17:30 – 18:15