Focus on vitality

The focus on healthy living and vitality is bigger than ever. We believe that a fit body is the basis for a social and happy existence. With that in mind, we invest in your health and vitality.

Focus on vitality

Doing excersice on a regular basis and moving enough during the day, will make you fitter and give you more energy. Feeling vital does not only mean that you are in good physical shape. You experience peace in your head and you enjoy social contacts. At On Campus you can exercise and move in a way that suits you. In a pleasant environment and with tailor-made guidance. This way you get the best out of your training, you work on your health and you stay vital.

Feeling at home

Movement is not always self-evident. Sometimes it is even a barrier to work on your vitality. Your level, background and appearance don't matter to us. Just like home.

Tailor-made guidance

Our employees help you make progress. Step by step, but sometimes with big leaps at the same time. They think and live with you and challenge you.

Working at On Campus

Nowhere else will you find so many sports under one roof. At On Campus, young and old can enjoy sports and exercise - individually, with each other or with supervision. 


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House rules

Because our sports accommodation is used intensively and we think it is important that all our guests can make optimal use of the available facilities, we have drawn up a number of house rules.