Introduction course

Unlike regular fitness, CrossCamp combines various exercises with each other. It is important that you master the technique well before you participate in the WODs (workouts of the days). That way you can keep up with the lessons and prevent injuries. The introduction course consists of only two 45-minute training sessions.

Introduction course

Get your CrossCamp certificate

Introduction course one mainly consists of learning all kinds of squats (air squat, back squat, front squat and overhead squat) and the push press. Introduction course two is all about the deadlift, clean and jerk and the snatch. Both courses one and two are concluded with a WOD. Both last only 45 minutes. When you have completed this you will receive a certificate and your CrossCamp fun can start!

Already experienced?

Do you already have experience with this sport? Then let us know. Our CrossCamp coordinator can then determine whether you have enough experience to skip the basic course. If so, you can get started right away!

Register for the basic course

You can participate in this class with a subscription, a membership 10 passes or single fitness ticket. After purchasing the desired product you can make a reservation immediately. You can register for the basic course a maximum of two weeks in advance (FULL=FULL).

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