House rules

Management and staff of Windesheim Sports Accommodations welcome you to the On Campus sports facilities. Our sports complex is used intensively and we find it very important that all guests can utilize the available facilities. To achieve this, a set of house rules applies at our premises. The main purpose of the house rules is to keep your stay at our sports complex safe and sound.

House rules

Lees de huisregels in het Nederlands

By buying an entry ticket or subscription, by visiting the On Campus complex or by renting our accommodations, you automatically agree to comply with these house rules.

General rules

  • Visiting the On Campus sports complex is at your own risk. Management and staff can not be held responsible for injuries, theft, loss or damage of any sort that is sustained at the On Campus premises.
  • Instructions of the staff need to be followed and acted upon immediately at all times.
  • Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated. In case of any misconduct, access to the On Campus sports facilities can be denied.
  • Any defect or damage needs to be reported immediately to our hosts or the reception desk.
  • Emergency exits are to be used only during a calamity.
  • Smoking and use or possession of soft and hard drugs are prohibited.
  • Except for guidance or assistance dogs, animals and pets are not allowed on the On Campus premises.
  • Glassware and alcoholic beverages are allowed only in the hospitality areas.
  • In case of dangerous circumstances or calamities, the On Campus management can adjust opening hours or (partly) close the facilities. In this case, paid entries or subscriptions are not refunded.
  • Access to the changing rooms room is allowed only with a valid reason.

Opening hours

  • Opening hours of our facilities are published at the website
  • Alternative opening hours apply during school holidays. 

Payments and subscriptions

  • On Campus offers sports, climbing, fitness, swimming or combination subscriptions, with a maximum length of one year.
  • All subscriptions expire automatically at the end of the subscription period.
  • Early termination of a subscription is possible if a member:
    • moves to another home address and the travel time to On Campus isn’t reasonable anymore.
    • can’t participate in sports activities anymore because of a provable illness or injury.
  • In case of early termination of a subscription by a member, On Campus recalculates the subscription fee based on the actual usage of the subscription plus provable extra costs and/or registration fees. The member will receive a calculation of the adjusted subscription price. Refunds take place by bank transaction.
  • Instead of early termination, it is also possible for members to ‘freeze’ their subscription. If a member can’t participate in sports activities due to provable illness or injuries for longer than one month, the subscription period can be extended for a certain amount of time without additional fees.
  • Member requests for early termination or freezing of subscriptions must be addressed to the management of On Campus by e-mail:
  • The On Campus management can terminate a member subscription with immediate effect:
    • if the concerning member violates any On Campus house rules. The remaining subscription period will not be refunded.
    • in case of unlawful conduct against On Campus. The remaining subscription period will not be refunded.
    • when Windesheim Sports Accommodations terminates its business activities. The remaining subscription period will not be refunded.
  • Early termination of a subscription by the On Campus management will be communicated to the concerning member by a certified letter and e-mail.

Fee modifications

  • On Campus is entitled to modify the subscription fees twice a year: at the start of each calendar year and at the start of each scholastic year.

Sports halls

  • The hall commissioner or sports trainer is responsible for the keys or remote control to the equipment area if the On Campus host is not available.
  • Sports or game audiences are only allowed access to the stands.
  • No warm or hot drinks are allowed in areas with sports floors.
  • Access to sports floors is only allowed with intended footwear, or barefoot where applicable.
  • Clear sports halls immediately after use and leave them clean (clean within the usage period).
  • Clear changing rooms within 20 minutes after your game, training or competition in the sports halls ends.


  • Appropriate sportswear is required. Headwear is not allowed.
  • Edibles and warm drinks are not allowed.
  • Group formation is not allowed.
  • Bags and personal belongings are not allowed. We advise to use the available lockers.
  • Phone use for music is allowed with headphones, other phone use is not allowed.

Swimming pools

  • Access is allowed only with a valid ticket or subscription, or under supervision of the tenant.
  • Guests are required to keep a (valid) entry ticket during their stay at our sports accommodation. Not being able to show a valid ticket can be reason for elimination from our swimming pool.
  • The swimming pool staff is allowed to partially close the pool(s) for safety reasons.
  • Visitors with a medical disability need to inform a staff member of their special needs before entering the pools.
  • Keep personal and valuable belongings in the available lockers.
  • Wearing appropriate swimwear is required in all pools. Wearing underwear under swimwear is prohibited for hygienic purposes.
  • Changing into and out of swimwear is allowed only in the changing rooms.
  • Diving is prohibited in the therapy pool and in all other pool areas less than 1.40 m deep.
  • Wearing shoes in the pool areas is not allowed.
  • Running or racing in the pool areas is not allowed.
  • Children without a swimming certificate are required to wear water wings and are to be supervised by an adult (18 years or older) at all times.
  • The diving board can be used by only one person at a time. Diving or jumping sideways from the diving board is not allowed.
  • Drinks and edibles are not allowed in the water.


Our hosts are available to answer your questions. If you can not locate a host, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to