Therapy swimming

Therapy swimming can have a positive effect on pain in muscles and joints. With therapy swimming at On Campus you do exercises in the therapy pool with a constant water temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. With the guidance of professionals, together with students who follow a Psychomotor Therapy education, you learn to move your joints and muscles in the right way, so the pain reduces or disappears.

Therapy swimming

Less taxing on your body

You can do more exercises in the water without aggravating complaints than you could on dry land. This makes therapy swimming also suitable for rehabilitation after a broken leg, a new knee or hip. Due to the upward pressure of the water, the load on your body decreases, this way you can practice your running technique, for example, without taxing your leg, hips or joints. With therapy swimming you work on your endurance and mobility in addition to reducing your complaints. At On Campus you can practice therapy swimming both individually and in groups.

Therapy swimming for children with disabilities

A special form of therapy swimming is therapy swimming for children and young people with a disability. In small groups they are guided in the water and they are taught the basics of swimming. If there is development, the child can continue in the instruction pool of On Campus to continue learning to obtain a swimming diploma.

Is therapy swimming reimbursed?

You can request therapy swimming yourself, but it can also be part of a treatment at the physiotherapist. In the latter case, it is reimbursed by the health insurer. Contact your health insurer for details.


You must register in advance to participate in therapy swimming. We will then invite you for an introductory meeting. In this meeting we will explore your specific situation and make you a suitable offer depending on your complaints, wishes and the possibilities. This offer can vary from individual to group counseling.


Subscriptions and 10 passes for therapy swimming are only sold at the receptiondesk.

  • Annual subscription: €345,-
  • Membership 10 passes: €78,75
  • Single ticket: €8,20


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